Framework for Teams

Modus Operandi

Each research area would work on Two-Pronged Strategy

  1. 30-60-90 day plan Post-COVID  Lockdown ends

  2. Long Term Strategy for India at 75: Budget 2022

  1. Each team will explore the themes ( we can add/edit more to the same post discussions) and clearly define core objectives while outlining a strategy to implement the same

  2. The same needs to be discussed with the Core Group, whose main objective would be to consolidate all the suggestions and intertwine them to make a comprehensive theme

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Srijan Pal Singh

Srijan Pal Singh is an author, public speaker, education innovator and social entrepreneur. He served as the Officer on Special Duty (OSD) and the Advisor (Policy & Technology) to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Rituraj Misra

Rituraj Misra is a civil servant (Indian Railways) from the batch of 2009 who has headed the Personnel Department of Mumbai Division (WR). He is the winner of the National Rail Award in the year 2018-19.

Vijayendra Haryal

Vijayendra Haryal is Social Media Evangelist and Digital Solutions Consultant. He has done his BTech from IIT Kharagpur and MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. In the past, he has worked for companies like Google, HCL.

Thought Leaders

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. To guide the team of volunteers assigned under them
  2. To extract high-quality work from the team of volunteers
  3. To provide/suggest the evidence (data or other documents) required for research to team/ volunteer
  4. To demystify, to break the wicked policy problem in comprehendible cogent pieces
  5. To provide an opportunity to work with them or any appropriate policymaker/implementor
  6. To generate detailed case studies, formal publishable reports of good initiatives( in professional magazines, research journals, media and social media )
  7. To evaluate the performance of volunteers
  8. To monitor and control the relevance & quality of output


  1. Proven academic background in policy-related areas
  2. Research experience in policy-related areas
  3. Experience in policy implementation
  4. Access to policy-related data and policy implementation related issues on the ground
  5. Access to top policymakers



  1. Must be skilful in data analytics, S/W engineering and technology in general
  2. Must have proven record of academics and research
  3. Must have academic pieces of academic writing
  4. Capability and willingness to design and conduct a survey (knowledge of research methodology)

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. To perform tasks provided by thought leader
  2. To conduct policy events under the guidance of the steering committee and thought leader
  3. To conduct themselves as ambassadors of i-scope and enhancing the quality & strength of the network of i-scope
  4. Keeping the highest level of integrity by avoiding any kind of plagiarism

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