COVID-19 Emergency Relief

Food to the Needy

In these trying times when the nation is battling against the coronavirus (COVID-19), our team is reaching out to help the families of those at the base of the pyramid including the daily wage earners, servants, construction workers, and rickshaw-pullers. Due to lockdown, they would be having no means of income to feed their families for the next few weeks.   

Through a strong network of our volunteers, we are trying to help the families of these daily wage earners by supplying them with food packets daily that can sustain their families for a day, or even more than that. We are also supplying them with masks and sanitizers to help prevent the spread of the virus in their locality.

Orphanage Support

Amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown in India, orphanages have been adversely affected as they have no means of income to feed the children for the next few weeks. We are on a mission to make sure no children sleep hungry in the nation.

We are supplying these orphanages with a relief kit that can sustain each orphanage for the upcoming weeks or even more than that. Each kit will contain sufficient quantities of  5 kg wheat/rice, oil, sugar, tea, 2 kg lentils, soaps. 

Building Knowledge

Coronavirus misinformation is flooding the internet as the virus is expanding its tentacles across the globe. The constant bombardment of WhatsApp forwards on supposed miracle cures for the coronavirus is about one thing: fear. To combat this "misinformation virus", Kalam Centre has produced a series of videos on various aspects of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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