With the world changing rapidly , and the world braces for ‘ the new normal’ , India’s golden opportunity lies in leading the world into developing innovative Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Models which can herald an era of prosperity and peace for the world.


The COVID 19 crisis has had a far-reaching impact on the supply chain and it’s brought to the fore , the need for every nation to be self-sufficient. In the present day world, with concentrated centres and clusters being developed both at a domestic as well as an international level, the crisis response has become even more challenging. The need of the hour is to build a more decentralized, self-sufficient system such that every small cluster of people are made self-sufficient to cater to their own needs.


This Study Circle focuses on data-driven analysis and identifying core areas of India’s strengths and opportunities to propose a 30-60-90 day action Post COVID action plan and subsequently a long term strategy so that ‘ India at 75’ is well-positioned to lead the world in the new world order. We also aim to leverage our Ancient Wisdom of Governance and Economics and plans to adapt some of the solutions to cater to the modern needs of India. We aim to propose a policy framework which will enable a sustainable, inclusive socio-economic development of our nation. We believe that since we are arguably one of the most ancient civilizations and have survived thousands of years of varied conditions, the solutions to overcome both short terms, as well as long term challenges facing our nation, can be deciphered from our ancestral wisdom and sacred texts.


A society based on ethics or Dharma is more conscience-driven and less prone to anxiety and distrust. For a civilization to grow and flourish, trust plays a crucial role. In contemporary times ‘ Self Interest’ based economics appears to be prevailing over ‘ ethics’ based economics. The purpose of doing this exercise is to suggest ways to rebuild our society, in such a way, that we emerge an even stronger nation and are able to minimize our dependence on any other nation for serving most of our needs. We aim to build this forum/Study Circle with insights from all the inspired nationalists from academia, business, civil services, student bodies and any other relevant organizations or group of individuals.


The Study Circle also aims to evaluate the existing metrics which steer policy-making as well as explore on improving Human Development Index and measuring happiness. We also aim to study the imbalance of bargaining power between regions as well as countries.

i-Scope- Indian Study Circle for Opportunities in Post-Covid Era

Core Areas of Research Identified by the Study Circle

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