Kalam Advanced Universally Sustainable and Economic development (KAUSE) Fellowship

Building Blocks of the Post COVID World

In a matter of a few months, the COVID-19 crisis has completely transformed the world. The severity of this virus, which has caught the world by surprise lies not only in the delay of laboratories in finding an effective vaccine but also the fact that the measures taken to counter it differ considerably from what was previously adopted to confront various acute crisis whether health, political, social or economic.

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic will change the face of human society, but it forces us to ask some important questions. Will this change only affects the healthcare systems or will it extend to consumption patterns, value systems, political regimes and legal systems, thus leading to the fail of the huge financial and economic empires? Will the major transformations the world will undergo be determined by how we recover from the effects of this situation?

We are going through a revolution, the kind that has occurred only four times before: first, after the discovery of fire, second, with the advent of agriculture and third, following the industrial revolution. The fourth revolution was of information and energy. It was the predominance of new technology and the supremacy of modern means of communication which spawned a conflict between two major concepts of using the internet. It also saw a full-scale rise in the consumption of energy.


COVID-19 fast forwards us into a fifth stage of the revolution - at an unexpected speed. It is hard to predict the intricacies of this new revolution - but it would almost certainly change all our social and economic systems.


The post-epidemic stage will see the emergence of a new human being whose daily behavior and thinking will differ from what it was before the COVID-19 outbreak. The political, legal and economic systems will have to adapt to this new human being. 

Selected KAUSE Fellows would...

  • Work full-time for four months 

  • Conduct primary and secondary research around the socio-economic impact of the Novel Coronavirus

  • Analyze of solutions for a COVID and post-COVID world

  • Analyze of socio-econometric parameters which are significant for COVID crisis

  • Research on policy interventions which are significant for COVID 

  • Ideate and research on what would be the next habitation models (urban and rural) for post-COVID society, which will include:

    • Political Systems

    • Economic Systems

    • Religion

    • Science

    • Infrastructure and Transport

    • Culture

    • Ecology

    • Governance

    • Education

Who Can Apply?

  • Candidate must hold a Masters level degree in either of the following from a reputed institute

    • Business Administration (MBA/PGDM)

    • M. Tech (related to Habitations)

    • Masters in Public Policy/ Environment/ Habitation/ Administration or related to current work

  • Candidate should have excellent qualitative research capabilities

  • Must have strong written communication in English

  • Knowledge of presentation and data analysis tools would be desirable

  • Any experience in Habitation Designing/ Rural Development/ Environment would be an added preference (not mandatory)

  • Must have a strong sense of commitment to national and societal development

  • The fellowship will be based out of Delhi. Preference will be given to candidates who can work form office for at least a few days in a weekCandidates outside Delhi who would largely like to work from home may also apply


  • Certificate of Completion

  • Stipend ranging from 30,000 to 50,000 per month depending on relevant experience and performance

  • Travel allowance of 5,000 per month (if applicable)

  • Chance to work with leading minds across the nation as India and the world combat the COVID crisis

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