Math Lab

Cover design of book for musicians

Math Lab is an initiative to customize and supplement school education content based on the real-life applicability of the subject. The aim is to spur thinking, imagination and aspirations by making children understand that Math is not terrifying, but a language in itself. 

The idea is to provide content that overlays a Mathematics textbook based on 4 parameters – Dream, Age, Location/Language, Education Board – and convert all the questions as per the students’ selections. As a result, the students are able to read and learn using books that are customized according to the professions of their choice. This feature can be made available as a mobile app / web-based application. 

The platform is supplemented with the Dreamoscope© curriculum to further inspire goal-oriented thinking among students and provide opportunities for career advancement. Content is curated along the lines of ‘Math for Cricketers’, ‘Math for Musicians’, and ‘Math for Hydrologists’ among many other topics and themes. 

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