Right to Water

Rajiv Kumar, Vice Chairman of NITI Aayog speaking on urgency to deal with the water crisis at KLP 2018.

Water Warriors Kit

The Right to Water initiative aims to create a water-secure and water-efficient India through quality research, education innovation, volunteer connections, better community participation and governance. The project’s three-pronged strategy of “Availability, Access, and Innovation” is targeted at ridding India of her ongoing water crisis and water poverty.


Water Analytics – Discovering the trends of water in each state and all major rivers.

Stories of Change – Documenting major success stories and presenting them in a multimedia format.

Participation – Organizing local water volunteers to propagate water security.


Transparency – Online petitions, youth assemblies, and RTI platform to accumulate public support for Right for Clean Drinking Water for All.

Advocacy – PIL/Private Member Bills in Assemblies and in Parliament and campaigns to include clean drinking water for all in 2019 manifestoes.


Setting up Water Innovation Fund – to promote local startups and college innovations to save, clean and recycle water.

Annual Water Startup Challenge – organizing a national event to promote and fund startups in the water domain.

To facilitate the public outreach and extension activities, Kalam Centre has developed creative educational material consumable in schools, including Keto and the Water Warriors comic book series, board games, and cue-cards with Water Facts. The idea behind this initiative is to encourage mindfulness and willingness towards conserving water and creating a livable planet Earth. Additionally, the project intends to support innovations and startups in the domain of water as a part of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Memorial InnoBlu Centre, which was inaugurated on 27th July 2018, the third anniversary of passage of Dr. Kalam. Volunteers, students and startups will be engaged and mentored to take up social challenges related to water in devise frugal, scalable and innovative solutions.

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