In the course of the expansion of Kalam Library Project, we realized that a large no. of traditional books were either too difficult to read for government school children or not targeted at their interests. In any case, these books were far too expensive and lengthy for children of this segment.

Under the Writathon campaign, we merged the felt need to the children and the latent potential of aspiring authors. The authors registered with this initiative are encouraged to discover the interests of the children whom we target and create small books on the topics of: 

  • Science and Emerging Technologies

  • Aspirational Careers

  • Value Building Content

  • Storybooks

Once, your book is approved, Kalam Centre will bear all costs of cover design, copyright creation, ISBN acquisition, printing and distribution. Based on the demand of the benefiting children, the print run will be created. 

We have also engaged a set of leading authors from India with whom you can work together as co-authors. It could be a great way to express your creativity for children and give a launchpad to a writing career.

Who is eligible to participate?

  • Any individual who wants to pursue their passion for writing and become an author.

Special Instructions

  • All books would be put through computerized plagiarism checker software and if the content is reported to be picked up from other sources without due referencing the submission will be rejected.

  • Kalam Centre reserves the right to combine different co-authors based on how their content is selected and edited.

  • The copyright of all the material and the book shall remain with the Kalam Centre.

  • The books shall be given to underprivileged children libraries at no profit. This is a pro bono author agreement and none of the celebrity or otherwise authors shall receive any royalty and neither will the publisher charge any margins.

  • Kalam Centre reserves the right to cancel, append and modify the project as per time without any prior information.

  • All disputes would be subject to jurisdiction of courts at Lucknow only.


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